Accessibility Training Courses

Our accessibility training courses are presenting in a an easy-to-understand method that empowers attendees to quickly implement techniques that will improve the accessibility of their digital content.

Live Accessibility Training Classes for November & December: Enroll now!

3-hour Certified Instructor-led training via Zoom 8am to 11am PST.

We start with the question “What is the expected user experience?” and provide you with a proven formula and set of exploratory questions to ask when coming up with the alternative text for your charts, graphs and infographics.

Time: 8am to 11am PDT

Class is starting soon. Enroll now.

Dec. 21: Document Testing
with Adobe Acrobat

Are you only using the Acrobat Checker to validate your documents? They could still have accessibility barriers. Are you using drop caps? Non-English languages? Hyphens? Complex Tables and Infographics? You will learn how to test your document for usability to ensure a robust user experience.

Time: 8am to 11am PDT

Class is starting soon. Enroll now.



This class focuses on the tools you need to know and the testing methods that will efficiently and definitively check your document for usability. Give us 3 hours and you will leave the class with screen reader shortcuts and a checklist for evaluating a document.

Time: 8am to 11am PDT

Class is starting soon. Enroll now.

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Accessibility for MS Word

Accessibility for Microsoft Word can be a tricky thing. Many people think a native MS Word document is more accessible than a PDF. This session empowers you with knowledge and tools to create accessible Word documents from the start. If you are not the content author, we teach you what to look for and how to fix it to give you the best chance for an accessible PDF or a more accessible MS Word document.

Accessible Table Basics

If you struggle with irregular table errors when trying to pass your accessibility checker, this course is for you. Attendees will leave this session with a firm understanding of how to build compliant tables, table structure and what to watch out for when developing accessible tables.

Accessible PDF Forms

Start with the source or with a PDF, either way, forms will have you scratching your head. We clear away the confusion and give you step-by-step instructions for handling forms. Students get real-world form experience they can apply to their own workload and solve the mystery of forms once and for all.

Advanced Table Remediation

Are you ready to tackle complex tables? Already understand scope and span but want to know how to solve the tough table problems? This course is for you. We walk you through cell IDs, fixing complex table structure. We introduce you to some tools that exponentially speed up your ability to handle complex tables. And we mean like 5 minutes versus 1 hour. Students leave this class with table remediation Superpowers!