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Accessibility Experts Chad Chelius, ADS |  Dax Castro, ADS

Attended your session yesterday it was awesome!!
Knowbility AccessU - Desiree Daily Sturdevant

We start with the question “What is the expected user experience?” and guide you through all the barriers you should be considering when developing your next accessible creative content for PDF, Video or Social Media.

Time: 8am to 11am PDT

Class is starting soon. Enroll now.

This session empowers you with knowledge and tools to create accessible Word documents from the start. If you are not the content author, we teach you what to look for and how to fix it to give you the best chance for an accessible PDF or a more accessible MS Word document.

Time: 8am to 11am PDT

Registration closed - Class Full

May 10th: Document Testing
with Adobe Acrobat

Are you only using the Acrobat Checker to validate your documents? They could still have accessibility barriers. Are you using drop caps? Non-English languages? Hyphens? Complex Tables and Infographics? You will learn how to test your document for usability to ensure a robust user experience.

Time: 8am to 11am PDT

Class is starting soon. Enroll now.



Dax and Chad smile for the camera leaning back to back on stage.

Designing with accessibility in mind adds about 20% to the workload. But... 'Accessibility at the end' can add up to 80%.
Work smarter not harder.


Not sure what you need? We Got you!

Sit down with us for just a brief consultation and we will ask all the right questions to get to the heart of what's troubling you. Our decades of experience dealing with accessibility empower us with the ability to assess your situation and recommend the right course of action to fit where you or your organization is on the road to digital accessibility.

Chad and Dax in a candid shot while recording a podcast. Chad has headphones on and Dax is talking into a large microphone.

The Short Story of Us

How Chad and Dax joined forces:

As accessibility professionals in our own rights, we shared many conference stages and over time became friends. We often chatted about accessibility solutions for each of our clients and one day we thought, "Ya know, I bet other people might like to hear what we have to say!" A few weeks later we started an accessibility podcast (Chax Chat). Fast forward two seasons and 65 episodes later and we realized we could take it a step further. So we joined forces and struck out on our own and Chax Training and Consulting was born.



What clients say?

Whether our clients are from conferences, private coaching, in-person or online training, the feedback we get continues to prove we solve accessibility problems and transfer knowledge that equates to more productivity and less accessibility compliance risk.

Susan Paré, ADS

Your knowledge and experience are amazing Dax. You are very generous to be available to help and it is truly, much appreciated.

Susan Pare SmilingSusan Paré, ADS

Régine Lambrecht

I just gave a training on PDF accessibility starting from InDesign, and my last advices were... if you properly followed the training steps and it still does not work, contact Dax or Chad!

Regine Lambrecht smilingRégine Lambrecht

Kathryn Collins

I can wholeheartedly say I wouldn't be where I am in my accessibility journey if it wasn't for you two. The content shared via LinkedIn courses, FB group and the podcasts have made the world of difference, and the support along the way has been so appreciated... it's great to have you both supporting the cause and helping all of us in our journeys.

Kathryn Collins smiling brightly.Kathryn Collins

Adrienne Grace

Thank you Dax Castro, ADS for being so willing to let me hire you for an hour and talk me off the ledge earlier this week.

Adrienne Grace smilingAdrienne Grace

Speaking Engagements

Here are just a few of the conferences and events that Chad Chelius, ADS and Dax Castro, ADS have presented at. Each session focuses on some form of document creation, accessibility or advocacy. While Chad and Dax have different presentation styles, each brings a unique flavor to understanding accessibility. Together they complement each other and provide truly engaging presentations.