Advanced Table Remediation

Are you ready to tackle complex tables? Already understand scope and span but want to know how to solve the tough table problems? This course is for you. We walk you through cell IDs, fixing complex table structure. We introduce you to some tools that exponentially speed up your ability to handle complex tables. And we mean like 5 minutes versus 1 hour. Students leave this class with table remediation Superpowers!
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Ready to get started?

Advanced Table Remediation

This class assumes you have done your time. You are a seasoned pro and want to elevate your table remediation skills to the next level.


Attendees should have a solid understanding of table structure and be ready to take the deep dive into solving complex table problems. We will analyze several complex presentations of table data and work through how to solve them. Students are encouraged to bring their toughest tables and be ready to share them with the class.


Accessibility Topics Covered:

  • Restructuring tables from the tags tree
  • 3rd Party tools to speed up remediation
    • Made to Tag
    • AxesPDF
    • Callas PDFgoHTML
  • Table surgery (Adding manual content)
  • Color and symbols in tables
  • When and how to convert tables into Dynamic HTML


  • Advanced Table Tips for Pros
  • Dynamic HTML Table Generator (Link)
  • Free trial: Made To Tag
  • 7-day trial: of AxesPDF