Our commitment to accessibility

Chax Training and Consulting is committed to providing digital content that is available to everyone regardless of the methods they may use or the abilities they may have. As accessibility advocates, Chad and Dax take a "Design with accessibility in mind" approach to all that we do.

Our Website

We have put great effort into ensuring our content complies with  WCAG 2.1 AA standards to the extent possible. We are always looking to improve our site to maximize access. Should there be any accessibility barriers we are committed to reviewing and fixing those barriers as they are made known. If we cannot fix a specific barrier we will look for alternate solutions or ways to present the information in a way that reaches

Our Podcast

We maintain transcripts of all podcasts on our website chaxchat.com and have received valuable feedback on improvements we can make to increase accessibility.

Our Training

As accessibility trainers we must do more than talk the talk. We evaluate all training material to ensure proper tagging, sufficient color contrast and strive to minimize colorblind barriers.

Our Presentations

While presenting to audiences online or in person we are committed to using inclusive language, descriptive presentations and consider ways to present our content with captions, interpreters or transcripts to maximize reach to all who might want to learn more about accessibility. We realize not every solution is implementable but are committed to ensuring that every effort is made to consider those with disabilities and how our content is communicated.




Chad and Dax

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