Designing with Accessibility in Mind

As content creators, we have a responsibility to ensure our digital and print material are as accessible as possible to reach the widest audience. This class focuses on identifying the barriers and overcoming them with accessible design decisions that free your creativity rather than restrict it because the “content needs to be accessible.”
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Class Starts April 25th
8am - 11am PDT

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Designing with
Accessibility In Mind

This session covers accessibility guidelines for designing more accessible content. We review specific graphic examples of real-world content. We break down accessibility guidelines in easy-to-understand terms for things like Bar Charts, Pie Graphs, Line Graphs, Simple Infographics, Complex Infographics, Flow Charts, Process Charts, Aerial photos, maps, siteplans, and basic project photography. Attendees will learn proper color contrast, colorblind design best practices, how to generate effective alternate descriptions and additional design methods beyond the use of color alone to reduce cognitive barriers.

Accessibility Basics 

  • What is Accessibility?
  • Who is Accessibility for?
  • What are the standards I need to know?

Program barriers

  • Office, Adobe, Canvas, Google, Publisher etc.
  • Access of information
  • Color differentiation
  • Info Relationships

Overcoming Common Pitfalls

  • Font
  • Language
  • Structural Relationships (Styles)
  • Text as Images
  • Formulas

How to Inject accessibility into your current workflow

  • Understanding the intent
  • Telling the story
  • Setting the palette
  • The dangers of "accessibility at the end"

Accessible Table Design

  • Accessible Structure
  • Color in Tables
  • Symbols and Legends

Images and Alternate Descriptions

  • Meaningful vs Decorative Objects
  • Alt-text vs Actual Text
  • How to write effective Alt-text description

Accessible Color Choices

  • Colorblindness & Color as a Differentiator
  • Color Contrast
  • Writing Alt-text

Accessible Social Media

  • Emoji dangers
  • Video Captions
  • Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook

Accessibility Handouts

  • 10 Tips for writing Accessibly
  • Accessible Social Media Best Practices
  • Top 10 Table Tips
  • Tips for writing Effective Alt-Text
  • InDesign Color Contrast Plugin ($150 value)