Building tables with accessibility in mind

There are so many good nuggets of info in this podcast on tables! If you struggle with accessible tables, you cannot miss this episode. I think the biggest takeaway was when we go over the process of table self-discovery. Do not forget to listen to the end for the 50% off ONE DAY (TODAY) ONLY promo code for our Accessible Tables class that happens this Wednesday!

Interview: Large Healthcare org reveals their accessibility journey

Senior Creative Manager Jason Wennet from a large healthcare organization shares the challenges of balancing accessibility and workload in his department. He talks about their initial journey, understanding the gaps, and how his team is leveraging accessibility Subject Matter Experts to bring their designs across the accessibility finish line.

Accessibility Careers: What you need to know

his week Chad and I take a look at the roles companies are hiring for in the field of accessibility.

We talk about:
• The skills they are looking for
• Certifications you should have
• The responsibilities of the roles
• The salaries being offered
• The future of accessibility roles in the workplace