Acrobat Action Wizard and Dealing with Scanned Content

In this accessibility podcast Chad and I discuss the merits of the Adobe Acrobat Action Wizard for accessibility and when you should and shouldn’t use it. We also talk about dealing with making scanned documents accessible using Acrobat as well as advanced options like Abbyy Fine Reader. You definitely want to stick around to find out Who’s on Twitter. This episode’s feature comes from Scotland!

Guest Colleen Gratzer: Accessibility Roadblocks

Listen in as Chad Chelius and I talk to our guest Colleen Gratzer of Gratzer Graphics and Design Domination Podcast. We discuss common roadblocks when talking with clients about accessibility and how to navigate through things like changing colors for compliance and using tools like color.adobe.com, bulleted lists and the proper way to map and use styles.

Accessibility Scripts and Tools for Acrobat and InDesign

Join Chad and I as we review several accessibility scripts and tools for Acrobat and Adobe InDesign you should be using when you need to remediate documents or edit the source files. Do not miss our review section on WCAG 1.4.1 Color only as well. There are some tips and tricks in there you should know.

Guest Dr. Chris Law – VPATs, Risk and Accountability

Join us for our special guest Dr. Chris Law as we discuss the validity of VPATs, What they are and how they are used. We take a deeper look at testing methods and WebAIM’s statistics on screen reader usage. We also discuss the ethics surrounding the question of “Who is checking anyway?” and what are the risks of non-compliance. Chris also shares some great resources on how to start the discussion of accessibility within your organization.

Understanding Accessibility Guidelines: WCAG, PDF/UA, Matterhorn Protocol

Join Chad and I as we talk about what’s new in WCAG 2.1. This information-packed episode covers several different accessibility standards documents you should be referencing like the Matterhorn Protocol, Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide, ISO-32000-1, ISO 14289-1 and PDF/UA. Make sure you don’t miss our discussion about the myths about minimum font size and the upcoming mobile accessibility advancement- Adobe PDF Liquid Mode.

Defining the user experience, color contrast and accessible maps

This week Chad and I spend some time to talk about accessible maps. We cover some great topics like defining the expected user experience, non-text color contrast, the use of color only, how to make complex maps more accessible and what to do with heatmaps and other non-traditional graphics with a few different approaches. If you struggle with maps, be sure to check out his episode. 

3 Ways to Artifact and Shortcut keys for Accessibility you should know

Join Chad Chelius and me Dax Castro as we reveal several different accessibility shortcut key combos that will help speed up your remediation and even one key that Mac users don’t have. Be sure to listen in as we discuss 3 different ways to artifact objects in a PDF and one way you definitely want to avoid!