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Tamman Inc. and Chax Training and Consulting Announce Merger

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 21, 2024 Tamman Inc. and Chax Training and Consulting Announce Merger Combined expertise redefines digital excellence in accessibility solutions Philadelphia, PA – Tamman Inc., a leading digital accessibility solutions company, is proud to announce its merger…

Canva Considerations for Accessible Content

Accessibility Podcast Topic Links March 9: PDF Accessibility Testing – Class Registration March 30: Accessibility for Adobe InDesign- Class Registration CSUN Assistive Technology Conference – Website International Association of Accessibility Professionals Accessibility Podcast Transcript Dax CastroWelcome to another episode of…

Building tables with accessibility in mind

There are so many good nuggets of info in this podcast on tables! If you struggle with accessible tables, you cannot miss this episode. I think the biggest takeaway was when we go over the process of table self-discovery. Do not forget to listen to the end for the 50% off ONE DAY (TODAY) ONLY promo code for our Accessible Tables class that happens this Wednesday!