Adobe MAX

With 400+ sessions and hundreds of inspiring speakers, MAX 2021 was an amazing event. You can still experience this global celebration of creativity by viewing the best of the sessions on demand.

Adobe MAX
October 26-29, 2021


Dax Castro, ADS

  • Learning the Fundamentals of PDF Accessibility Step by Step
  • Accessible Table with Adobe InDesign
  • Accessible Charts and Graphs

Chad Chelius, ADS

  • Adobe InDesign Part 1: Preferences, Settings, and Master Pages - L6148a
  • Adobe InDesign Part 2: Column Guides, Text Frames, and Templates - L6148b
  • Adobe InDesign Part 3: Working With Styles - L6148c
Chad showing footer styles in Adobe InDesign
Chad presenting at AdobeMAX online showing the styles options in Adobe InDesign
Chad Showing non-Enlish fonts in a footer in Adobe InDesign.