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Answering the Question:
How long will it take?

May 3, 2022 9:00 AM PST - Online Webinar

This 45-minute webinar focuses on evaluating documents and projects that must be accessible. One of the hardest things to account for when responding to a client request or an RFP is understanding how accessibility will affect time and budget. Accessibility experts Chad Chelius and Dax Castro offer key questions and evaluation techniques for understanding how to evaluate documents or projects when they must be WCAG, AODA, DDA or Section 508 Compliant. All attendees will leave with several Accessibility handouts, including the Level of Effort Matrix Cheat Sheet. Our goal is to empower you with a greater understanding of how to evaluate their content and accurately account for the time it will take to create them.

Learn how to evaluate a PDF and estimate the time committment.

Spot potential pitfalls and time traps

Get several handouts that will help you and your teams create more accessible content.


All Attendees Receive the Accessibility Level of Effort Matrix

This worksheet divides the type of work  by the complexity to give you a guideline for how long you should expect the average deliverable to take given solid remediation skills and proper workflow. The more elements in one column or another, the closer to the approximate pages per hour it will take to develop an accessible deliverable.

Other handouts include:

  • 10 Things you can do to improve accessibility without being an expert
  • Tips for writing accessibly
  • Tips for writing effective alt-text


In addition to hosting a weekly accessibility podcast ChaxChat, these two accessibility experts focus on document accessibility training for organizations around the world for digital content created using the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

Dax and Chad smile for the camera leaning back to back on stage.

Webinar Presenters
Chad and Dax are considered document accessibility experts and have more than 20 combined years experience creating accessible content and teaching principles of accessibility worldwide.

Dax Castro wearing his signature shiny dress shirt and tie

Dax Castro, ADS
Dax is a long-time SMPS Member and Adobe Certified PDF Accessibility Trainer. He has more than a decade of experience working for A/E/C firms on hundreds of proposals and thousands of pages of deliverables for state and federal clients. Dax is also a training committee contributor for the International Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) Accessible Document Specialist Certification (ADS).

Chad Chelius smiles wearing his LinkedIn Learning shirt

Chad Chelius, ADS
Chad is a premier Linkedin Learning trainer for Adobe InDesign and Accessible PDFs. He is an Adobe Certified Expert/Master and also contributed to development of the International Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) Accessible Document Specialist Certification (ADS).

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Participants will leave with actionable information that will help Project Managers and Marketing Coordinators properly evaluate accessibility components within their contracts and deliverables.